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How We Work

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We follow a method that includes several steps before the completion of the project.
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Deep analysis and undertanding of the project. This step is carried out by experts from Gifford.



Providing the client a clear view about the work that needs to done and the timeline.



Performing the actual work of waterproofing with care and accuracy.



Quality Analysis and Quality Control of the work that has been done. This step ensures safety and saves money.

About our Company

Gifford Technical is an waterproofing company & committed to provide you with the outstanding quality of the highest skilled employees and professional management team in order to innovate develop and implement solutions to frequent challenges of :

  • Waterproofing, coating, painting
  • Concrete restoration
  • Crack injection
What We Offer

The Services We Provides

We provides the following services related to
waterproofing and restoration.


Crack Injection

Crack epoxy and polyurethane injection, pressure grouting and replacement of deteriorated, spalled and defective concrete. This could be applied in Car Park Garages and parking structures. Shopping Centers Mall, Hotels, Recreation Centers ,Office Building Centers and Towers and High Rises..


Waterproofing And Damp-proofing

All types of waterproofing and damp-proofing including below grade walls and slabs, blindsided walls, roof tops and between slabs, fountain, water features, above grade cavity walls vapor barriers, substation, waste water and.. and negative side waterproofing.



Polyurethane or epoxy traffic coating at parking garages, decorative coating, industrial flooring system at mechanical rooms, terraces, pedestrian walkways, car parks, roof tops and where the floor is exposed to UV and/or subject to rain, snow and foot traffic, concrete sealer and water repellent.


Concrete Restoration

concrete repairs is reflected in the areas of Flooring Repairs and Deck Reinstatement, , Joint Sealing, Surface Preparation, Protective and Decorative Coatings, Structural and cosmetic concrete repair systems, Design and implementation of structural strengthening systems, Concrete injection treatment using..


Joint Sealants

Gifford has excelled in field of professional a pplication of Joint Sealants. Expansion joint assembles of different types and sizes, Poly sulfide, Polyurethane sealant, epoxy joint filler for the concrete floors under heavy traffic movement, fuel resistant, hot poured joint sealant in runways and fire stations and..


Quality Assurance & Quality Control

The key element for project quality assurance is the on-site project staff led by the Project Manager. Attainment of project administrative quality requirements, however, is accomplished by and is the responsibility of all project personnel throughout the life of the project.

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